//10 Tips to Grow Your Medical Practice in 2019

10 Tips to Grow Your Medical Practice in 2019

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Grow your medical business

A good marketing strategy is a key to great business. This could be traditional or digital. There is no way a good marketing strategy fails to help your business grow. However, different industries require different approaches to excel and expand. Medical or Healthcare industry like any other industry have tremendous competition.

It is the year 2019 and people are encouraging companies that are doing things differently, effectively and efficiently.

A doctor’s clinic in basic terms can be hailed as “successful” if he is having at least one new patient every day. This does not include the other regular and old clients. No matter how reputed your clinic might be, there is always room for growth. Here are ten tips that will help your medical practice flourish-

Hire the right employee.

You must be skilled and efficient, but that won’t matter to the patients if your staff is incompetent. Their excellence does not limit to their credentials. They are the key assets of a work place. Hiring skilled and friendly people will keep the environment of the clinic happy and productive. If they are lacking soft skills, give them time to learn and practice. Also, if you treat them well, their performance will get better. Remind them of their importance and team effort. Engage with them, they should feel free to connect with you.

Be very attentive to your patient’s concerns and demands.

Provide them with the best quality service. Step into their shoes and try to understand their problems. They should not be waiting for long. Even if they are waiting, make sure they are attended frequently. Treat them like a new client each day, equal amount of attention and importance. Adjust your time according to the patient if the problem is severe. A disappointed patient can take away ten potential clients from you. Make sure you ask for their feedback every time they visit.

Never ignore your competitors.

Always stay updated on what your competitors are planning or introducing at their clinics. Stay two steps ahead of them. Having said that, focus on what makes you unique. Don’t copy everything that they are doing. If you think it is a smart strategy, make the move. Never forget that they are not you or your skills.

Keep working on yourself.

The environment of a clinic stays productive and at ease if everyone working there are happy. Their stress level is directly linked to you for seven-ten hours a day. Make sure you come to the clinic happy and sorted. Your psyche affects everyone at the clinic. Even the patients will be happy to see a doctor in a jovial mood. Be grateful of your growth and don’t let the competition affect the environment of the clinic.

Register your practice online and offline.

The world is wired today. You must register yourself on various search engines, get a domain name, ask your friends, families and clients to spread the word. Get registered on local directories as well, it will surprise you just how much people count on yellow pages as well. This is a smart and successful marketing strategy.

Stay updated on the latest medical technology.

You should subscribe to daily medical newsletter. Follow blogs that promote medical advancements. Ask your staff to stay updated as well. Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and information technology are adding great inventions to the healthcare industry every other day. Also try working with the right medical billing software. Awareness is crucial for growth.

Reminders and updates through the internet.

Make sure you remind your patients about your appointments through text messages or through instant messaging applications or e-mails, whichever way they are comfortable. Be doubly careful of spams. If you know they will be coming just to give an update and consult the doctor, offer them an option of video calling the doctor which would be free of charge. 

Know the demographics and expand.

You should be aware of the population statistics of your city and especially your area. You should be knowing which age groups are dominating the areas surrounding your clinic, depending on that analysis, add more services to your clinic. For example, if you come to know there are lot of families with kids moving in your area, you should hire a pediatrician or a child therapist. If you happen to have a lot of elderly people in your area, hire podiatrists and physiotherapists.

Provide patients with all the information they need.

Patients will have queries and doubts every day. Make sure you have enough flyers, brochures, leaflets and posters that answers their most common questions with ease. Give them an option of dropping an e-mail to the doctor, if he is not available. Make sure the staff is well equipped and able to solve their issues.

Expand your website.

Introduce blogs and articles on your website. Focus on engaging with the patients outside the clinic through social media. Share your knowledge and advises through them.