HRMD is a physician-guided consulting group that can help you meet your medical practice goals. HRMD brings the right tools for you to align your practice with the business model that best suits your long term business goals.

Dr. Haroon Rasheed, CEO

Dr. Haroon Rasheed – Founder, CEO

Dr. Rasheed is the founder of the multispecialty Texas Pain Physicians in Dallas, TX.  He has trained in anesthesiology and pain management, and still practices medicine today.  Dr. Rasheed also established HRMD, a physician based pain management consulting company, that specializes in the optimization of pain clinics.  He has studied in great detail the billing, coding, marketing, and legal issues related to running a pain management practice.  With a very successful group based in Dallas, he now consults with pain practices and physicians in different states to improve their practice and profits.

Dr. Rasheed will personally evaluate your practice, and find cost savings as well as new sources of revenue. He will help educate the physicians and their staff as to the best management practices for pain clinics.  By implementing the recommended improvements, HRMD will guarantee a 30-50% increase in annual profit within the first year.

We will personally evaluate your practice and help improve your efficiency and profitability. Let us craft a unique plan that incorporates best practices tailored to fit you and your organization.

Phsyician Guided Consulting

Increase Profits and Stability

HRMD Experts On your Side

Experts On Your Side

Having experienced partners guide you through crucial everyday business essentials—your marketing, operations, ancillary services, billing, coding, collections, advertising and more—helps you make confident decisions about growing your practice.

Increase your Profits with HRMD

30-50% Savings in Staffing Costs

When implementing our recommended processes and procedures, HRMD guarantees a 30-50% savings in staffing costs. Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help.

HRMD Management Facilities for you

Facilities of All Sizes

HRMD has consulted with and helped facilities of all sizes grow in all areas of practice. Whether you are a brand new office, or an established practice ready to expand, we can help guide you through best practices, strategies, and methodologies that will ensure your business success.

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