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HRMD is a physician-guided consulting group that can help you meet your medical practice goals. HRMD brings the right tools for you to align your practice with a business model that best suits your long term business goals.

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Our services are driven by the needs of our Members—private business owners who want to stay independent and thrive in an industry overrun by corporate consolidation.

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Having experienced partners guide you through crucial everyday business essentials—your marketing, operations, ancillary services, billing, coding, collections, advertising and more—helps you make confident decisions about growing your practice.


We have proven systems for helping you reduce distractions, focus your team, strengthen your practice, and sustainably grow your business.


You’ll receive consultation and guidance from only the best. Led by Dr. Haroon Rasheed, HRMD will reduce your staffing costs by 30-50%.


When you’re wanting to grow your business, you want to do it with people who are trusted, people who know the ropes and have proven results.

About HRMD

Meet Our CEO

Dr. Haroon Rasheed, CEO

Dr. Haroon Rasheed

Chief Doctor



Dr. Rasheed became interested in the field of pain medicine while completing a clinical rotation in Comprehensive Pain Management at The State University of New York at Buffalo. He was able to witness first-hand how modern technology, cutting-edge research, education, and a multi-disciplinary approach can be used to improve patients’ quality of life. Dr. Rasheed is an advocate of providing patients with a wide array of treatments to ensure that pain treatment is tailored to each patients’ unique pain profile.

Jamal Otula

Chief Operating Officer


As Chief Operating Officer, Jamal’s knowledge and expertise has helped HRMD grow extensively into one of the top consulting and medical practices in the US. Jamal’s in-depth understanding can help any organization scale in any market.

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